Saint Minerals Liquid
Saint Minerals Liquid

Saint Minerals Liquid


Our clean, premium multi-tasking bases provide full spectrum SPF25 sun, environmental, + antioxidant protection. They leave your skin with a healthy luminous glow.

Saint Minerals natural breathable formulas are a true extension of professional skin care. They may be used daily, in clinic, + post procedure to help protect skin + improve all conditions including the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, + acne. 

Liquid Mineral Foundation:

For all skin types; creamy, hydrating, long-lasting full coverage base.

Best applied with a foundation brush. Provides a hydrating, luminous complexion while still allowing the skin the breathe. Heals + protects + flawlessly hides lines + wrinkles, rosacea, + acne.

General Guide to Shade Colours  

01: Fair, ivory skin with warm undertones. Easily burns. 

03: #1 seller, light to medium skin tones with neutral undertones. My burn, gradually tans.

04: Medium/tan skin with neutral undertones. This skin type generally tans from the sun.

05: Skin tones with a yellow/olive base. This skin type tans easily from the sun.