Skin Fairy Towelette
Skin Fairy Towelette
Skin Fairy Towelette

Skin Fairy Towelette


Ditch The Face Wipes.

Gently and methodically remove makeup and deep-cleanse your complexion with our natural and reusable organic bamboo towelettes. Use as an essential skincare tool in the shower or as part of your daily cleansing routine to remove makeup, grime, and excess oil, whilst loosening up dead skin cells and toxins. After use, skin is super-hydrated and feels smooth to the touch.

How to use

Dampen and use in combination with your favourite cleanser, gently massaging in to reveal smooth, radiant skin.

Why you will be obsessed

Organic bamboo material is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and environmentally-friendly. The plant’s fibres can help control acne-causing bacteria whilst being gentle enough that it won’t irritate existing pimples.

Care & Maintenance

Always rinse your towelette after use and put through a cold machine wash once a week with a mild soap or detergent.

Product Description

Organic bamboo material. White with Skin Fairy logo. Recyclable packaging.